Monday, March 26, 2012


As a fundamental human right, education should be made available to every child, as it’s critical to human development and societies at large. As education helps pave way to a successful and productive future to all. When quality education for all children is ensured and one that is rooted in gender equality we create waves of opportunity that impact generations to come.

Education for all enhances lives, it ends generational cycles of poverty and disease, halting the spread of HIV/AIDS, enabling families to better cope with illness and improve the life expectancy of the worlds poorest and provides a foundation for suitable development. A quality basic education for boys and girls equips them with knowledge and skills necessary to adopt to a healthy lifestyle and to take an active role in social, economic and political decision making.

Because libraries are a central unit of a system that involves information storage and retrieval, and being that education has a great essence and a high place in human life and development there is much need to make libraries strong learning institutions and building libraries that can support both research and teaching needs. And being a librarian myself I know that librarians should take their position on the fore front in advocating for education for all. Instead of waiting for information seekers to come to them for help in the various libraries they are located into, librarians should market and brand library services and also bring to the notice of people across the world that librarians are an important entity in advocating for literacy and education for all.

Librarians should enhance proper access to information including assessment of the quality and quantity of research materials, both print and electronic available to users and help in the ease of use in the accessing of all information materials. It’s upon this backdrop that I participated in this years “World Read Aloud Day” which took place on March 7 2012 world over and I also wrote a poem on the same as I took part too as one of the guest readers invited by Litworld.

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  1. Education is a human right to all without any bias in terms of gender, religion, race and all other limiting factors.