Friday, January 20, 2012


Information is dynamic and valuable and thus considered to be one of the human rights that are fundamental. Every one has a right of access to information, this is because access to information is a key component for effective participation of all stakeholders in the achievement of mandates, there is a positive correlation between transparency; including information sharing and making it available that finally go along way in making informed decisions.

For information to be precise, it means any produced content, whatever its medium {paper, electronic or sound, visual or audiovisual recording}, concerning a matter relating to policies, activities and decisions. It’s therefore necessary for all information professionals and librarians at the core, to make the access of information come true for all. I realize that Africa having a majority of the third world countries is more limited by the lack of access to the relevant information materials, and other factors like lack of proper training for information professionals in the use of modern technologies to access information and make it available.

With the lack of information {reading materials}for informed decision making and poor training for information professionals, Africa has remained behind fighting poverty that runs in circles. “Make available information in terms of reading materials and books in all formats to adults and children and you will have empowered a whole community to be self sufficient and reliant.”

There are thousands of information materials via the internet made by a number of international organizations and regional bodies that consist of authoritative research work and resources laying idle and unused, there are also various many other information materials of use gathering dust on shelves somewhere beyond the reach of a village girl or boy deep in the heartland of Africa. Some of this research papers have information on safe agricultural methods, farming, animal husbandry and many other topics that would be of use to a community in danger of a looming hunger. It’s the lack of the access to all this relevant information materials that has Africa always battling famine, illiteracy, tribal clashes and many other political upheavals.

It’s upon this back drop that I stand as a crusader of the establishment of libraries in Africa. Libraries are one of the greatest assets to a community because they provide a point of access to information that can lead to a wider skill set, better informed citizens and overall increase in the quality of life.

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  1. Information world over is dynamic as its the agent of change in which ever society that information is made available and accessed.