Saturday, May 25, 2013

I have decided as an information consultant my self and as a librarian too that the best way for me to contribute my knowledge and services to enhance literacy in the world is by me having an  active participation in the literacy movement rather than just talk about the difficulties the African child faces daily in the access of relevant information.
Therefore i decided to start Ziwani Boys and Girls Litclub under Litword, i have also benefited immensely from the encouragement and support of many friends who are also involved in the literacy movement across the world.This wonderful Litclub was started under the hospice of Litworld which believes that every child has got the right to the access of information and that is also the right to know how to read and write.Litworld therefore creates Litclubs which offer safe environments where kids gather to have fun, read, write and share their own personal stories which are believed to be able to change the world in a positive manner, this Litclubs are run in a praise centric manner where kids are appreciated and encouraged to express themselves much more freely.
The Litclub at Ziwani has me as the facilitator and it was started in June 16th 2012 and it had a serious attendance of this boys in the picture but after some time i was advised by one of our dear friends Michelle Nelson to also incorporate the girls, and this was true as i had on many occasions little girls following their brothers to come see and experience for themselves the goodness of the sessions as told them by their brothers whenever they came home from attending the Litclub sessions.
The experience in working with kids is so immense and i am happy i have become that force that brings change that is worthwhile in the lives of all those beautiful kids i work with at Ziwani Boys and Girls Litclub. 

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